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SainHealth bears the heritage of its parent company, Sainhall Nutrihealth Pte Ltd. We are committed to producing quality and effective nutritional health supplements that exceed expectations. We know that you demand only the safest and most effective supplements to suit your lifestyle, we believe our range will serve you well. 

What Makes Our Product Different

Our ingredients are sourced from natural sources from around the world. And at SainHealth, we believe that health comes from within, and what we consume or ingest becomes the source of our health. You can be assured that our products are safe and effective.

SainHealth is also backed by our own R&D team staffed with senior researchers and nutritionists, driving breakthroughs and innovations to bring to you the best nature can offer.

“As a market leader in the production & distribution of Spirulina based health supplements, we know the importance of effective products. Effective products ensure sustainability and longevity for all involved.”
Mr Yeap, Founder of Sainhall Nutrihealth Pte Ltd

Check Out Our Range of Natural Supplements

  • Beauty & Skin / Women's Health
  • Bone & Muscle / Joint Health
  • Energy / Spirulina
  • Immune System / Multivitamin
  • Omega Oil / Nutritional Oil
  • Heart Health / Astaxanthin
  • Kid’s Health
  • Gut Health & Liver

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We are 100% natural

You will feel the difference

Our supplements work great together

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